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Report Annual General Meeting 2020

It’s Neighbourhood Houses Victoria Week and time to celebrate some success from their Postcards campaign.
It was great to drop into the Ararat Neighbourhood House and catch up with manager Lou Makin at their Celebrating Community Connectedness Expo.
And I was so humbled to get a big hug of thanks from Ruth Bumpstead manager of Maryborough Community House – VIC. These two women, along with so many other coordinators and staff drove the innovative postcards funding campaign which I was very pleased to support and advocate for. They didn’t get everything they wanted but everything they did achieve is a huge credit to them.

Here is our March April 2018 Newsletter. It is full of lots of useful information. march 2018 newsletter
Ruth and Kerri from the Maryborough Community House on the radio. Click here to listen 🙂
Please read our latest newsletter (Please note that this is version 2, because version 1 had our phone number listed incorrectly.
Dec 2017 newsletter v2
Louise Staley MP came for lunch with a lot of other regional Neighbourhood House representatives on 19th December, 2017. Daniel Andrews: keep your promise to Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.

Today I returned to Maryborough Community House – VIC to receive postcards collected by most of Ripon’s neighbourhood houses to give to Minister Mikakos.

Prior to the 2014 election Daniel Andrews promised to increase funding for coordinators but so far hasn’t done so. There’s one budget left for him to come good.

The houses are collecting postcards from the thousands of people who use them to send a message that they expect the promise to be kept.

Maryborough Community House was in the Maryborough Advertiser on 9th December, 2017. Here is the article:

We are the first Australian, Resource Smart Community House

We are so excited and quite proud of the fact that on Thursday the 23rd of November 2017 we signed up to become the very first Resource Smart Community House in AUSTRALIA.

To do this we had an energy audit completed by Paul Lehmann from Grampians Central West WRRG who is the Regional Coordinator for ResourceSmart Schools from Bacchus Marsh to the Border!!! Over the next twelve months we will be monitoring all the resources being used at the House to reduce our impact on the Earth, in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment to preserve resources for future generations.

The Community House and it’s participants will be working together to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and community. A number of our upcoming programs and projects in 2018 and beyond will encompass Resource Smart theory to expand knowledge and skills for use both in the Community House and in the wider community. Paul will facilitate monthly workshops where people can learn skills such as, understanding utility bills, saving money and reducing energy use and sustainable gardening practices. Paul has also offered his assistance in creating our Community Garden in the new compound currently being installed. The garden will be created in wicking beds in the new year.

New Fence and Security Lighting Project 30/11/2017
How exciting! The fence and security lighting project has begun. Then we need shade sails, garden and shed. But in the mean time we are more than happy to be ticking off some long term goals for the House.

New Committee Announced at the Annual General Meeting

From left to right
Anthony Gibson (Vice President)
Amanda Crameri (President)
Nerrina Collicoat (General Member)
Bernie Crameri (Treasurer)
Lorraine O’Dal (General Member)
Shane Bicknell (Auditor)
Kerri-Ann Price (General Member)

Please download the Annual General Meeting Report below.


Dunolly Art Hub Annual Art Show

An extra special workshop is being held on 10

An extra special workshop is being held on 10 November,2017

Rebecca Sullivan is coming to Maryborough Community House!!!

Rebecca has worked with some of the world’s most passionate food producers, launching the Real Food Festival in London and the Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. She’s farmed coffee in Uganda, done stages with chefs and spent a lot of time learning skills and traditions from grandmothers the world over. As an eco-agronomist, activist, food writer, urban farmer, entrepreneur and home cook, Rebecca is passionate about heritage, preserving traditions, and passing on a wealth of “granny skills” to future generations.

You don’t want to miss out on this. Don’t forget to book. 🙂

Look at the lovebirds who just got engaged.
Maryborough Community House Lifetime Members,
Nancye and Gus!
Congratulations guys and we are all looking forward to going to your wedding in 2030.

Maryborough & District News 14 September, 2017

A new, exciting public art project is about to commence in the Central Goldfields Shire as part of Go Goldfields: Aspiring & Achieving.

The Go Goldfields Story Seat project will deliver 12 unique sculpture seats that will become public art. The seats, sculptured to look like open books, will be transformed with images and texts that tell a story.

Eleven local artists have been appointed to work with individual communities and groups to create each of the seats.

The individual communities and groups can either choose a story from a book or poem or they can choose to tell the story of their community, its characters, street-scapes and history.

The communities will be assisted in telling their story by the skilled local artists. Once complete the seats will be permanently positioned at various locations throughout the municipality to form a tourist trail.

Central Goldfields Shire Council Interim Administrator Mark Davies said the Go Goldfields Story Seat project was a wonderful celebration of community creativity.

“This is a fantastic community project that will not only provide a platform for community groups to get involved but the end result will be a new form of community art that will become an attraction for both residents and visitors to our region.”

“I encourage community groups and organisations interested in getting involved to contact the Go Goldfields team and register their interest.”

“I look forward to seeing the eleven local artists working closely with community and to seeing the Story Seat project come to fruition.”

Community groups and organisations interested in getting involved can contact the Go Goldfields Arts Project Officer Adrian W. Masterman-Smith on 0433 111 068.


11 September, 2017

Welcome to the Maryborough Community House Louise Staley, Member for Ripon Louise Staley MP Our State Parliamentarian was interested to hear that the Neighbourhood House sector has not received any increased funding since 2006, even though social engagement and activity has increased markedly- 472 people came to the Maryborough Community House in August- Thanks Louise for listening to our story.

22 August, 2017

We were so excited today and this is another great reason why we like to hang out at the Maryborough Community House. Today, Ruth, Renee and Kerri were surprised by a celebrity visit. COSTA from Gardening Australia popped in to say g’day. Paul Lehmann from Garden of Earthy Treasures brought him by to showcase the house and to talk about the community garden. Wow, you just never know who you’ll meet when you visit the House!

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