Report General Annual Meeting 2016




    DATE 18TH OCTOBER  2016 -1.30PM

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Annual General Meeting

July 2015- June 2016   18th October 2016 1.30pm

Our Statement of Purpose

  • To actively promote a sense of belonging and community spirit and reduce social isolation with the community.
  • Work in partnership to help make our community a better place to live.
  • Promote equality, availability and community engagement.
  • Develop and deliver activities and programs in response to the needs of our community.
  • Provide referral assistance and information for those seeking a wider range of services, and
  • Provide a venue for outside organisations to run functions and programs

Present Committee of Management 2015-2016

Chair – Tracey Wilson

Secretary- Amanda Crameri

Treasurer- Bernie Crameri

Committee Members

Colin Possamai, Maxine Greenwood, Charlie Humphrey, Ruth Bumpstead (Staff)

                           Staff of House– Coordinator – Ruth Bumpstead, Book-Keeper/Nils- Jan Allemand,                                                                                 Cleaner – Vivien Price, Nancey McQuienn

With thanks to past Committee Members

Jenifer Melton

Thank you for your association with us and for your support and input to our community house, which keeps us alive and active due to all your efforts.


All the people who come through our doors, to the groups and organisations that utilise our venue and services.  The many dedicated volunteers who generously give of their time, their skills and knowledge to assist other residents in the community.

For funding received and ongoing support from the State Government Department of Health and Human Services –



The Estate of Ekaterina Panourgias, Tracey Wilson, Lorraine O’Dal, Louise Staley MP, Vivien Price, Sheryl Apps, Maxine Greenwood,  Maurice Robe,    Colin Possamai,   Angus Hogg (Life Member), Nancey McQuienn, Ruth Bumpstead, A & B Crameri, Charlie Humphrey, Jenifer Melton, Marlene Stork,  Steven Fryer, Judy Walter, Marg McCullagh, Jeanette Adams, Pamela Brightwell, Monika Geschkowski, Irene & Andrew Fitness, Jan Allemand, Micro Solutions, PS & J M Male Electrical, Maryborough Supa IGA, C& J Automotive & Electrical, Maryborough Women Out & About, Maryborough District Garden Club, Maryborough Mental Health Peer Support Group, Herring & McMillan Solicitors, Dr Koole Refrigeration & Airconditioning, Visat Communication & Security, Maryborough Men’s Shed, Bent Stems


Department of Health & Human Services ( Co-ordination Program), Department of Social Services (Volunteers Program), The Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation (FRRR Program), Central Goldfields Shire (Community), Good Shepherd Micro-Finance (No Interest Loans Scheme Program), Carisbrook Lions Club, Maryborough Lions Club (Community).


Good Shepherd Microfinance, Maryborough District Health Service, Maryborough Lions Club, National Australia Bank.


 Maryborough Community House

Annual General Meeting

18th October 2016


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of previous AGM- attached
  4. Business Arising from meeting
  5. Annual Reports- attached
  • Chairperson
  • Co-ordinator
  • Financials/Auditor
  1. Election of Committee of Management and Committee members
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  1. Committee Members
  2. General Business- Certificates of Appreciation/Life Membership.
  3. Close of Meeting.

Maryborough Community House

Annual General Meeting

July 2014 to June 2015

29th September 1.30PM

Welcome –  Tracey Wilson welcomed all present.


Present:  Tracey Wilson(Chair),  Amanda Crameri (Sec), Bernard Crameri (Treasurer) Jenifer Melton (Committee),  Gus Hogg,  Steven Fryer, Nancey McQuienn,  Jeanette Adams , Ruth Bumpstead ( Coordinator)  Chris Gilfillan, Margaret McCullagh (Book Keeper)  Neale Chandler, David Perry (Ranch), Colin Possamai, Deb Lowe, Lyn Layfield, Pam Brightwell, Andrew Fitness, Irene Fitness, Sandra Hamilton, Frances Clarke, Lorraine O’Dal, Shane Bicknell (Accountant).


Apologies:  M Geschkowski,  Maxine Greenwood

Guest Speaker- Mr David Perry from RANCH gave a short informative talk about the status of Community Houses in our region. There is a general consensus of the relevance and importance in each community. Funding,  support, figures, income, demographics and partnerships were the central themes in his discussion.

Minutes of the previous meeting – October 2014. Minutes were read, and noted for minor changes to spelling.

A motion to accept these minutes was  -Moved by Jenifer Melton,  seconded   by Gus Hogg  – All accepted.

Business arising from the minutes-nil

Annual reports –attached

  • Chairperson- Tracey Wilson -read
  • Coordinator-R.Bumpstead-read
  • Finance- attached to the AMG report is a copy of our Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement. Shane Bicknell (Accountant) presented this report .

All reports  from the last AGM were accepted on motion

by  Bernie Crameri  seconded by  Jenifer Melton.     Passed  Yes


General Business– None


Election of Executive and Committee Members

Statement read by Neale Chandler

Neale Chandler  then declared  all positions vacant and called for the following positions to be filled:

President: Tracey Wilson Nominated by   Jenifer Melton Seconded by Steve Fryer

Vice President: No Nomination

Secretary: Amanda  Crameri Nominated by  Jenifer Melton  Seconded by  Steve Fryer

Treasurer:  Bernard Crameri  Nominated by Jenifer Melton, Seconded Steve Fryer


 Committee Members

Ruth  Bumpstead Coordinator

Colin Possamai   Nominated by  Jenifer Melton Seconded by  Pam Brightwell

Maxine Greenwood   Nominated by  Pamela Brightwell Seconded by  Jenifer Melton

Jenifer Melton Nominated by Maxine Greenwood, Seconded by Marlene Stork

There being no more nominations from the floor the incoming committee accepted their positions.


Other Business:  The Committee had the  pleasure to award Mr Gus Hogg with a Life Membership to the MCH.  Gus has been associated with the Community  House for many years, undertaking a vast range of activities. Currently running the AA meetings and serving regularly on the front desk, he is a past committee member.


Tracey Wilson offered a vote of thanks to the new committee members and thanks to   everyone for their attendance.


Closed meeting   2.30 pm  followed by afternoon tea.

President’s Report  

The past twelve months have again provided many challenges, in particular in recent months as the House operated from a number of temporary ‘homes’.  We were delighted to have the Parliamentary Secretary for Health Ms. Mary Anne Thomas visit the Community House in March last year to make the official announcement that we had been successful in our funding submission.  I know there were many people who wanted to start packing boxes immediately but we eventually got the green light earlier this year, and have a much improved Community House as a result.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the community groups and businesses who have supported us over the renovations by providing a location for the house activities and for a place for the team to undertake the office work.  I am extremely grateful to the Lions Club for the use of the Hall for the programs and to Bernie and Amanda Crameri for sharing their office space for Ruth and Jan as well as providing a location for the committee meetings.

Over the past twelve months, Ruth, as the House coordinator, has been amazing as she balanced the needs of the house and its participants with significant renovations and upheaval.  I am not sure she will be taking on a new role as project manager but she has made sure that the many meetings with contractors were attended and that the house was finished on time and on budget.

The committee have met on a regular basis this year and we have ensured that the focus of the house has been on the participants and that the programs offered are meeting your needs.  In understanding this we are keen to undertake a series of evaluations and surveys to make sure that the programs are what you want and that they are value for money.  We are very keen to have your thoughts on this.  We are also exploring how we better promote the Community House and its many programs to our broader community.  This will ensure programs are well attended and most importantly the community is utilising and benefitting from the programs.

We have continued to seek additional funding and grants to further develop the activities within the house but to date have not been successful.

I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the Community House and I would also encourage you to join the committee if you are interested.

Thank you all for your attendance today at the Annual General Meeting and I look forward to continuing to work with the House and its committee in the future.


Tracey Wilson


Co-ordinator’s Report

I’d like to begin my report by thanking the team for giving their time and skills to make this Organisation a safe and friendly place for residents to socialise and grow.

The volunteers and staff are an integral part of the House and it’s their positive input they share each week that assists in building a stronger more cohesive community.

Our volunteers conduct varied tasks from making sure the House is open on days it is unstaffed, answering phone calls, referral to other service organisations, data entry or working on newsletters. Others are sitting on our Committee of management, making cuppa’s or cooking for our many visitors. Or teaching skills in our programs from computers through to craft or making craft items and manning fundraising stalls to promoting the House throughout their varied networks.

This is just a very small glimpse of the background support our volunteers offer the House and the residents of Central Goldfields Shire.   I feel it only proper and fitting that they are recognised for their commitment and drive, so thank you each and every one of you. You all do a fantastic job of volunteering and putting back into your community!

In September 2015  the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Mary-Anne Thomas announced our application for $126,000 funding  by the Andrew’s Labor Government was successful. This funding was an important and much needed requirement to allow the Community House to move forward in a positive and productive way. From there our participants and team at the Community House have spent many hours sorting through equipment and items long lost in storage and conducting a general decluttering project in anticipation for the much needed renovations to begin. These renovations were required to bring the House toilets and kitchen up to health and safety standards together with meeting the growing needs of the organisation, the participants  and our partnerships.

In June 2016 the renovations began with many residents following the progress on our Facebook page or Website.

In August 2015 we submitted an application to the Foundation ‘For Rural & Regional Renewal’ (FRRR) and in December 2015 notification came in that we were successful for funding of $8,944.00.

This funding was provided by the Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation and has given us the opportunity to upgrade our kitchen equipment and utensils. It will build on the skills of our volunteer cooks and community members to further support our community lunch program.

The House was also successful in the Australian Government Department of Social Service’s funding application under the Volunteer Grants. From this we received $4,868 this funding will help support re-imbursement of training and associated costs for volunteers, purchase of computer equipment, additional kitchen appliances, cleaning equipment and indoor furniture. All of which will be put to good use in the renovated building!

Recurrent funding  from the Victorian Government, Neighbourhood House Co-ordination Program assists with wages and running cost of the House as does funding from Good Shepherd Microfinance for our No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) program.

In November 2015 after many years with the House Marg McCullough retired and Jan Allemand  was employed to replace her, filling the same role as Marg of Book Keeper and NILS facilitator.

Despite competition with the unscrupulous  payday lenders residents are able to see and understand our Nils program  is the safer option for a small loan to purchase much needed household furniture, medical or dental items and equipment  to improve their lifestyle.

Everything mentioned in my report is a tiny snapshot of what has been happening over the past financial year at the House however if I went into all areas I would fill up ten pages. I just want to finish by saying none of it would be possible without the funding we so greatly receive or the volunteers who give so much of their time and skills each week. All is appreciated by all who enter the House on any given day.

Thank you

Ruth Bumpstead


agm-whole-document1Budget Page 2Budget Page 3



The committee has determined that the association Is not a reporting entity and that this special purpose financial report should be prepared in accordance with the accounting policies outlined in the financial statements.


In the opinion of the committee the financial report:


  1. Presents a true and fair view of the financial position of the Association as at 30 June 2016 and its performance for the year ended on that date.


  1. At the date of this statement there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Association will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.

This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors and is signed for and on behalf of the Board of Directors by:






Dated this    18th October 2016