Report Annual General Meeting 2015

July 2014- June 2015 29th September 2015 1.30pm
Our Statement of Purpose
• To actively promote a sense of belonging and community spirit and reduce social isolation with the community.
• Work in partnership to help make our community a better place to live.
• Promote equality, availability and community engagement.
• Develop and deliver activities and programs in response to the needs of our community.
• Provide referral assistance and information for those seeking a wider range of services, and
• Provide a venue for outside organisations to run functions and programs
Present Committee of Management 2014-2015
Chair – Tracey Wilson
Secretary- Amanda Crameri
Treasurer- Bernie Crameri
Committee Members
Jeni Melton, Ruth Bumpstead (Staff)
Staff of House- Coordinator – Ruth Bumpstead, Book Keeper/Nils- Margaret McCulllagh, Cleaner – Vivien Price, Nancey McQuienn
With thanks to past Committee Members
Monika Geschkowski & Narrina Collicoat

Thank you for your association with us and for your support and input to our community house, which keeps us alive and active due to all your efforts.

All the people who come through our doors, to the groups and organisations that utilize our venue and services. The many dedicated volunteers who generously give of their time, their skills and knowledge to assist other residents in the community.
For funding received and ongoing support from the State Government Department of Health and Human Services –
Acknowledgment of our partnerships with
• Good Shepherd Microfinance
• National Australia Bank
• Maryborough District Health Service
• Central Goldfields Shire Neighbourhood Renewal
The following local business and people for donations of goods or services:
Aldi Joe Helper MP Past Member for Ripon
Bendigo Bank Current Member for Ripon Louise Staley MP
Members of the Salvation Army Carisbrook Lions Club
Bent Stems Central Goldfields Garden Club
Bi-Rite Lyal Eales Store
CFA – Victoria Maxine Greenwood
Coles Members of the Uniting Church
C & J Automotive & Electrical Millikans Pharmacy
Crameri Pty Ltd Nancey McQuienn
Food Share Bendigo Pam Brightwell
Maryborough Lions Club Gus Hogg
Members of the Baptist Church John Richards Electrical
GV Bargains Tony’s Pest Control
Redpath Tyre and Battery Jenifer Melton
Graham Jacka Holden Possamai Family
Ivy Baugh Primes Maryborough
IGA Lions Club Carisbrook
Herring & McMillan Solicitors Treasure Hunter
Jeanette Adams Zan Ristov – Microsolutions
Judy Walter Maryborough Highland TOWN Club

Maryborough Community House
Annual General Meeting
29 September 2015
1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of previous AGM- attached
4. Business Arising from meeting
5. Annual Reports- attached
• Chairperson
• Co-ordinator
• Financials/Auditor
6. Election of Committee of Management and Committee members
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
7. Committee Members
8. General Business
9. Close of Meeting.

Maryborough Community House
Annual General Meeting Minutes
July 2013 to June 2014
14th October 2014—5:30pm

Welcome – J Fraser welcomed all present and Ruth introduced new faces to the meeting.

Present: J. Fraser (Chair), J.Melton, F.Fraser, G. Hogg, S.Fryer, N McQuienn, T. Wilson, J. Adams,
D.Bradley, R.Bumpstead, C.Gilfillan, M Geschkowski, S Pisano, J Pisano, M McCullagh

Apologies: L Layfield-Cain, A Crameri, P. McCallister, C. Possamai, Carolyn Passamai
Apologies accepted Moved S Fryer Second J Melton Passed Yes

Minutes of the previous AGM-attached
Business arising from the minutes-nil
Annual reports –attached
• Chairperson- J Fraser-read
• Coordinator-R.Bumpstead-read
• Finance- as we have no Treasurer J.Fraser said that attached to the AMG report is a copy of our Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement. Does anyone have any queries?
All reports and the minutes from the last AGM were accepted on motion
by S Fryer and seconded by J Melton. Passed Yes

General Business
1 Membership Fees. The CoM has recommended that the membership fee, renewal and fees remain the same for the next financial year.
There was a show of hand in acceptance Passed Yes
2 Auditor. Under Consumer affairs direction and our Constitution (The Model Rules) as we are not a Prescribed Association, that is an incorporated association with an annual gross revenue of more than $250,000 we do not have to have our books officially audited. We must maintain adequate and accurate accounting records of our financial transactions and these have been presented to you in our financial year Balance Sheet which will be lodged with Corporate Affairs following this meeting. The incoming committee may have to amend the By-Law to reflect the above.

Election of Executive and Committee Members
Statement read by J Fraser
Prior to the election of the Executive and Committee Members, as per our Constitution (Model Rules) the members here today have to nominate how many Committee (ordinary) members they want on the committee of management. The Committee of Management recommend up to five and this is to include the house Coordinator with no voting rights and therefore today we need to call from the floor for four members.
A show of hands accepted the number of ordinary committee members be up to 5 Passed Yes

J Fraser then declared all positions vacant and call for the following positions to be filled:
President: Tracey Wilson Nominated by J Melton Seconded by F Fraser
Vice President: No Nomination, incoming committee to seek candidate
Secretary: Amanda Crameri Nominated by S Fryer Seconded by J Melton
Treasurer: No Nomination, incoming committee to seek candidate
Committee Members
Ruth Bumpstead Coordinator
Jenny Melton Nominated by McQuienn, Seconded by P.Brightwell
Monika Geschkowski Nominated by F Fraser Seconded by J Melton
There being no more nomination from the floor the incoming committee to seek candidates.

Tracey Wilson offered a vote of thanks, the new committee members and thank for the attendance

Closed meeting 5:55pm , followed by light super.

President’s Report
29 September 2015

The past twelve months have provided a steep learning curve for me as I have got to know the participants, volunteers, staff and my fellow committee members of the Community House. I have enjoyed the year and my visits to the House. There is always a friendly face and good conversation happening around the kitchen table.
The year has also been a difficult one for many at the house and as a committee we have tried to provide the support and guidance when needed.
Over the past twelve months, Ruth, as the House coordinator, has been amazing as she balanced the needs of the house and its participants with some very difficult personal issues. We have been very glad to see her back at the house in recent times after taking personal time earlier this year.
While Ruth was away we had some fabulous support from a few of the volunteers who stepped up into the various roles and ensured the house kept operating and providing the various programs and activities it is known for as well as some new ones. I would like to thanks in particular Lorraine O’Dal who acted as the coordinator in Ruth’s absence.
I would also like to thank Margaret McCullagh for maintaining the finances and ensuring that I had the banking details and articles for signature ready for me when I visited the house.
The committee have met on a regular basis this year and we have ensured that the focus of the house has been on the participants and that the programs offered are meeting your needs. In understanding this we are in the process of introducing a series of evaluations and surveys to make sure that the programs are what you want and that they are value for money. We are very keen to have your thoughts on this.
We have continued to seek additional funding and grants to further develop the activities within the house but have not been successful to date. However we were able to support a number of residents to attend the Jamie Oliver sessions earlier this year and this proved to be very successful and popular with those that attended.
I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their commitment and dedication to the Community House and I would also encourage you to join the committee if you are interested.
Thank you all for your attendance today at the Annual General Meeting and I look forward to continuing to work with the House and its committee in the future.

Tracey Wilson

Coordinator Report 2015

As I look back over the past year I feel exhausted both mentally and physically and think everyone involved with the House would agree with me. A very big thank you to all our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and Committee for all their time and effort they continue to contribute each week. Volunteers are the back -bone of an organisation such as this and it is heart-warming to see many have gone that extra mile at a moment’s notice on many occasions this year.
With funding coming to an end for Neighbourhood Renewal our partnership is also drawing to a close. The wealth of knowledge and experience the team has provided to the House will no doubt still be available as they each take over other roles within the Central Goldfields Shire.
This partnership over the past three years and prior , has been instrumental in the upgrading of the garden area and in 2014 after a number of meetings, consultations with volunteers and residents a funding application was put forward for some much needed infrastructure work to the House.
On September 11th 2015 – a giant sigh of relief, followed by shouts went out across the House as we were given the fantastic news we would be receiving $126,000 to have the upgrade works completed. These works will see many electrical points up at a safer height, the entrance way moved and a reconfiguration of offices, toilets, kitchen and parts of the main program room to accommodate our growing needs and bring the House into line with a number of Health, Safety and Disability Acts. The works will also assist us in offering a larger number of programs and partnerships that will both strengthen and benefit the House and our community.
Such as our partnership with Maryborough District Health Service, who have been providing residents and volunteers with a number of services at the House. These services include health and blood pressure checks, Quit smoking program, Tai Chi classes or private meetings with other health or welfare professionals.
The House has received donations of furniture, equipment and materials throughout the past twelve months thanks to the generosity of individuals, community groups, businesses or other organisations. These donations no matter how big or small have all been gratefully received as each donation assists us in keeping our program fees down for the benefit of all.
During the year a number of funding applications or letters of requests have been submitted and as a result the House has received further funding towards a Defibrillator, a sewing machine soon to be purchased and other materials or equipment in readiness for the upgrades and programs.
The end of this year sees us bidding a sad farewell to a few friendly faces as they each follow their individual dreams. Marg McCullagh who has been with the Community House as a book keeper and No Interest Loan Scheme worker (NILS) bids us farewell in the first week of November as she retires to go traveling with her husband Ron in their Motorhome. Marg has been a familiar face to many regulars over the years putting in countless volunteer hours on top of her paid hours and always going that extra to support the House Community.
A favourite volunteer to many at the House, Steve Fryer also has the travel bug and is leaving in mid-December with his trusty dog and gold detector chasing the golden dream. Steve joined the House two years ago to become a volunteer gardener but soon took on other roles as NILS interviewer, receptionist and handyman. Steve even put in time, outside of business hours to ensure the garden was well watered during the summer months and as a result the House won garden awards two years in a row. I wish them both happy and safe travels and thank them for their years of support to us all. Each in their own way has made a difference to the House and those who utilise it. They both will be sadly missed by all.
On a personal note, I want to thank each and everyone involved in the House for their patience, understanding and support they have given me and my family throughout our very difficult time over the past two years.
The way in which you all pulled together to support me in times of need to ensure the House remained open with just a few hiccups was a tremendous display of dedication and Community spirit. This year has been a difficult time not just for myself, but also others involved at the House as they each dealt with their own or their family health or personal issues. It has been heart-warming to see all the support offered at a moment’s notice with a few people in particular going above and beyond what was asked or expected of them.
Thank you, you are all true gems of our Community and you prove each and every day why it is so important to have a Community House!

Coordinator, Ruth Bumpstead

Maryborough Community House Inc
23 Primrose St, Maryborough Vic 3465
Financial Statements
For the Year ended 30 June 2015

Trading, Profit and Loss Statement
For the Year ended 30 June 2015

2015 2014
$ $

Bank rebates 167.10 182.95
Donation Income 854.29 763.21
Fundraising Income 1,268.90 2,298.45
Grants DHS-NHCP(House Oper Grant) 51,809.41 49,076.57
Grants NILS 7,063.68 9,329.12
Grants – other 2,700.00 5,738.00
Grants Volunteer – 4,668.00
Interest Income 2,781.34 784.24
MCH Projects 3,180.65 3,466.10
Membership Dues 133.00 137.00
Misc Income – 70.00
NILS whitegoods income 1,560.00 1,300.00
Office Services Income 20.37 13.00
Room Hire 4,544.41 4,940.55
Hire of Equipment 166.00 258.48
Sale of Assets – 55.00
76,249.15 83,080.67

Gross Profit from Trading 76,249.15 83,080.67

Administration Costs 2,448.15 1,022.85
Advertising 2,357.21 1,787.56
Auditor’s Remuneration
– Audit & review of financial statements – 659.09
Bank Charges 168.70 227.75
Catering – 72.37
Cleaning – 274.87
Computer & Software expense 1,266.10 7,704.53
Consultancy Fees 40.00 –
Contribution room use – 2,000.00
Depreciation 1,237.90 3,247.00
Donations 135.52 136.36
Equipment 199.05 2,320.90
Freight & Cartage – 15.62
Fundraising Expenses 291.52 295.17
Gas & Electricity 2,520.41 2,206.25
Hose activities – 637.32
Insurance 1,228.38 1,279.19
Payroll Expenses – other 102.40 14.74
Postage 225.08 0.50
Printing & Stationery 454.14 –
Maryborough Community House Inc
Trading, Profit and Loss Statement
For the Year ended 30 June 2015

2015 2014
$ $
Professional development 174.77 954.19
Program Expense 2,375.46 2,287.80
Rates & Taxes 1,238.79 1,235.33
Repairs & Maintenance 851.93 2,248.22
Staff Training & Welfare – 263.17
Subscriptions & Memberships 1,337.28 1,269.99
Superannuation Contributions – Employees 4,731.66 4,179.68
Telephone & Communications 2,632.94 2,946.69
Travel & Accommodation 511.69 2,467.20
Wages 53,104.39 48,201.98
White Goods Customer rebate 1,200.00 1,000.00
Work-cover 554.89 460.68
81,388.36 91,417.00

Loss before Income Tax (5,139.21) (8,336.33)

The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements.
These financial statements have not been subject to audit or review and should be read in
conjunction with the attached Compilation Report.

Maryborough Community House Inc
Balance Sheet
As at 30 June 2015

Note 2015 2014
$ $

Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents 10,278.44 16,913.90
Financial Assets 6 35,430.30 32,838.16
Total Current Assets 45,708.74 49,752.06

Non-Current Assets
Receivables 5 50.00 –
Property, Plant and Equipment 7 4,088.00 3,430.90
Total Non-Current Assets 4,138.00 3,430.90

Total Assets 49,846.74 53,182.96

Current Liabilities
Trade and Other Payables 8 3,084.01 1,281.02
Total Current Liabilities 3,084.01 1,281.02

Total Liabilities 3,084.01 1,281.02

Net Assets 46,762.73 51,901.94

Retained Profits 46,762.73 51,901.94

Total Equity 46,762.73 51,901.

The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements.


The committee has determined that the association Is not a reporting entity and that this special purpose financial report should be prepared in accordance with the accounting policies outlined in Note 1 to the financial statements.

In the opinion of the committee the financial report:

1. Presents a true and fair view of the financial position of the Association as at 30 June 2015 and its performance for the year ended on that date.

2. At the date of this statement there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Association will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.
This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors and is signed for and on behalf of the Board of Directors by:

Dated this 29th day of September 2015