Photo Gallery

Photos of events and people from 2018

Jeannie Clarke joined us as our new Coordinator.

We had a lovely End of a Long Year Party yesterday at the Maryborough Community House. Many, many old and new, friends and supporters, helped us see out 2018 in style. Thank you to all who came along with your cheerful faces to help us celebrate the house.

Our resident chef, Maria Hall, again amazed us with the incredible feast she created. Thank you Maria, for all the hard work you put into helping the day be so successful and delicious. (Maria has some great ideas for next years Cooking programs and is looking forward to sharing her skills with you).

A huge thank you also, to ASQ who presented Jeannie (our Coordinator) and Tony (our COM President) with a huge donation. This is welcomed, because it helps us to provide programs and services for the community. If you would like to support the house by donating, please contact us, as we are always looking for funds to help the house provide the much needed, community programs and services.

Thank you to all the Committee and Volunteers who helped put the party together. We would not be able to run the house without your awesome and dedicated assistance. You guys are the best

We have an amazing program coming up in 2019 and we hope you can participate in the groups and events we have planned. We would love to see more people come in and join the groups, volunteer, or just drop in for a cuppa and a chat. We are a friendly lot and will help you feel at home.

On behalf of Jeannie, the Committee of Management and the Volunteers, we would like to say thank you to everyone who supported us in 2018. We are excited and anticipating a fantastic 2019 and can’t wait to see all your smiling, happy faces again.

Sam Lean, Thermygal came into the house to give a demonstration of how to make christmas presents using a Thermomix.  The ladies who attended had a lot of fun.

Very exciting to see the new footpath go in. This will make it so much easier for people to access the Maryborough Community House.

Ruth attended a conference in Melbourne in May, where it was announced, that more funding would be made available for the Neighbourhood House Sector.

After attending the presentation at the Maryborough Education Centre, for the Sons of the West, on 30th May, Ruth extended an invitation to Doug Hawkins to visit the Maryborough Community House in the near future. Everybody is very excited about this plan.


Biggest Morning Tea

We held a Biggest Morning Tea in May to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Thank you to everybody who attended including the Red Hat Society of Maryborough; The Maryborough Walking Group; Committee members and residents.

We raised $185 dollars and everybody enjoyed the sumptuous spread created by Maria Hall.

We would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Susie Oh for doing so well in Japan. Well Done SUSIE Everyone can meet Susie in person at the Maryborough Community House on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm and Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm when she is here as our instructor for Chinese Meditation (Yoga) and Tai Chi.


We celebrated Neighbourhood House week and invited some guests. Noel Harvey, Central Goldfields Shire, Bendigo Bank representatives and MDHS representatives attended along with Sharon from Dunnolly Neighbourhood House, Maryborough Community House Committee members and Volunteers and many house participants enjoyed a wonderful laid back lunch prepared by Tinka and Maria.

Paul Lehmann came in to present a work shop on Composting and Wormfarming as part of our Gardening program. We had lots of people come in and from all accounts learnt a lot from Paul.

We had some wonderful guys help us out with some jobs around the house, including getting some painting of the posts and verandah. Much appreciated help


Family History Group
Colleen is working hard at finding her family history

Bottling Day with Maryborough Sustainability Group. Marg and Fiona came into the Simple Living Group to show people how to bottle fruit using the Pop Top and the Vaccola methods. Everybody enjoyed themselves and a lot of lovely jars of fruit were created.

Op Shop Trip held in March in conjunction with the Dunolly Neighbourhood House

The following was written by Heather Hill ….. “This outing was a wonderful day with lots of laughter and talking. Our bus driver Terry was happy to stop and the op shops that the ladies wanted to look at. We all agreed on how long we would spend at each op shop before we moved onto the next. The first stop was spotlight in Ballarat as some of the ladies wanted to look at something….and as being a craft store there were happy customers. The shopping had begun. We drove off to other op shops that were close by each other.Terry parked the bus and we did a bit of walking to the op shops and other shops even SPC… The bus now was starting to fill up with shopping bags. We then headed in to the main area of Ballarat for a lunch break and more shopping in different shops and more op shops…no matter how tired they were they still kept shopping. We met back at the bus around 2:00 pm all exhausted but there was one more we had to visit…Terry stopped again and we all hopped off. With all of us back on the bus we headed back home. A great day was had by everyone. CANT WAIT TILL NEXT ONE”





Cleanup Australia Day 7th March, 2018

March 15th. Will Holmes came to demonstrate Bee Keeping.

March 15th. Rebecca Sullivan, Author of “The Art of the Natural Home” visited and demonstrated some of her Granny Skills.March 15th. “Jaxx” and the Lil’ Sprouts Club showed the kids how to make planters.

March 15th. Blair enjoyed Paul Lehmann’s Conversation Jacket

March 7th. Paul Lehmann talked to the group about saving money on your electricity bill and enthused everyone to get involved in gardening.

March 15th. Will Holmes, The Beeman got everyone talking about beekeeping.

Getting the electrical work done for the Community Garden/shed compound

Photos of events and people from 2017

A nice smooth floor to remove all the previous trip risks and to prepare for the new Vinyl to be laid. Next the timber frames, electricity, plumbing and phone system to begin. YES IT IS HAPPENING EVERYONE!!!!